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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Cheri Lindsley PhotoYour early childhood professional organization is going through some changes and we want all members to have an opportunity to play a role in these changes because it is your organization.  All members were sent a postcard in June announcing a change in TAEYC’s affiliation with NAEYC and SECA due to changes happening with NAEYC.  We are in the process of affiliating with SECA only and this change will become official in mid-September 2017. During this time we are making changes to our name, our by-laws, and our logo. 
During our June board meeting, a vote was made on a change to our name.  Our organization will become known as the Tennessee Association for Children’s Early Education (TACEE- pronounced as a rhyme with race).  We are asking members to submit a logo for our new organization before October 10, 2016.  All entries will be viewed by the board and the top three logos will then be displayed at the state conference where members in attendance can vote on their favorite one. The logo with the most votes will become our new logo beginning in 2017. 

You will also have an opportunity to approve our new by-laws which are included in this newsletter.  You can vote on these on your ballot for electing our next president and nominating chair West.
You may be wondering what these changes mean to your current membership and what you should do when it is time to renew your membership.  You will have two options for renewing membership between now and September 15, 2017 (timeline set by NAEYC).
1. You can renew through NAEYC membership as you have done in the past.  The fee structure remains the same if you choose this route and you will continue to be a member of NAEYC, SECA, TAEYC/TACEE, and your local affiliate and receive the same benefits you currently receive;  OR

2. You can choose to start a new membership through SECA for $49 ($30 for students with verification of enrollment) which gives you membership in SECA, TACEE, and a local affiliate (which will be renamed as a region) once it is established.  Later this summer/early fall, program directors may choose to purchase membership for their staff at the same $49 rate and if a staff member leaves, the membership is transferred to the new employee for the duration of the membership time period. You will continue to receive Dimensions (3 issues) and Dimensions Extra, discounts for SECA training, the annual conference, and professional publications and products along with access to e-newsletters. 

Either membership provides the same state level support and services received in the past.  If you want to continue your membership with NAEYC and SECA you can join as usual.  In September 2017 you will make the decision to be a member of SECA or NAEYC OR you can still join both professional organizations but will have to submit an application and pay membership dues to both organizations in order to do so.
With the changes being made to our state organization, our current affiliates will also make changes.   Current affiliates must decide to affiliate directly with NAEYC or choose to be a “region” under the state SECA affiliate (TACEE).  These changes will be occurring over the next year and any affiliate approved to be an affiliate of NAEYC will take effect in September 2017.  Any “region” choosing to affiliate with TACEE will become effective as soon as an agreement is made between TACEE and the region.
There is lots of information here and it can be a bit confusing.  Please look at the two page talking points for additional clarification.  We are happy to talk with any affiliate about these coming changes so let us know if you would like us to join you at any upcoming events.
Connie, your TAEYC president

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